Compact, universal, multiplatform monitoring system for all network devices that support SNMP protocol.
+ Supports SNMPv3 and conceptual tables
+ Contains MIB parser - you simply select the entities to be observed
+ Display devices on a geographic map
+ Easy installation (GUI install wizard on windows platform)

VINDEX key features

Make possible monitoring of devices used for different purposes from different manufacturers in a single place.
Support of TRAP v1/v2 and confirmed InformRequest, SNMP v1/v2c and v3 with optional DES/AES encryption and MD5/SHA/SHA2 authentication of all SNMP messages.
Searching for devices on your network in specified IP ranges and automatic mass assignments of credentials (SNMP access rights) from your defined list.
Every important event in the system is logged for all users. Log can be exported to * .xlsx file.

Alarms triggered based on user-defined conditions compared to current SNMP entity values or on incoming TRAPs.

The administrator's user account and up to 5 supervisor accounts for operators which monitoring the network.
Maximum compliance with RFC was maintained during development.
You can place your device on a geographic map and connect it with lines.
Only the most necessary third-party libraries such as the crypto library are used. Everything else was self-developed to increase application speed.

VINDEX screenshots

About VINDEX system

Vindex was created to monitor varied devices through one application. It can to monitor the internal states of the device such as sensors (eg temperature, amount of co2, humidity), network elements (routers, switches, AP, wireless links) or machines (any SNMP compatibile) and store the history of values.
The goal was to create a user-friendly application with the necessary features and without unnecessary embellishments. This should guarantee minimum hardware requirements and save staff time. However, if you would like to add to the vindex additional functionality needed for your business, please send us feedback or inquiry.
The pricing policy depends on the number of monitored devices and specific industry circumstances. Contact us to create a calculation for your case.
The VINDEX system is currently in version 1.0.2 and is still being developed by its authors. VINDEX was developed by Robert Pecha, Pavel Konečný & team.